Caster Cart

SKU#: ITM-2000-53-1
Price: USD $7,300.00
Full Description:


Heavy duty steel construction. Portable two piece platform with multi-directional base and surface casters. The unit features four (4) floor locks, two (2) on each half, for secure positioning during load and un-load. Moveable with forklift or pallet jack from all four sides or manually pushed with removable handles. Handles conveniently store inside frame tubing. Stackable for compact storage. Can be used to move two (2) Demi containers or one (1) SAA/AAA/AMJ container. The two (2) halves of the assembly can be seperated for handling Demi sized containers. Set includes two (2) Caster Cart halves, two (2) Connector Handles, four (4) Standard Handles, eight (8) 1/2-13 x 3-1/2" hex bolts, and eight (8) 1/2-13 whiz lock nuts. Interfaces with all PACTS units.

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Product Specifications:
Capacity: 5000 lbs per half, 7000 lbs for whole assembly
Height: 7"
Width: 97" to inside of locks, 101" overall
Length: 127" to inside of locks, 131" overall
Weight: 750 lbs per half, 1500 lbs for whole assembly
Finish: Powder coated safety yellow

USD $7,300.00