Caster Cart Floor Lock (Replacement)

SKU#: ITM-2000-76
Price: USD $45.00
Full Description:

Replacement step floor locks for 2 piece Caster Carts. Take care of your damaged or worn out floor locks with this replaceable component.

Replacement Instructions:

Each floor lock is bolted into the Caster Cart using (4) 3/8-16 x 1" carridge bolts & whiz lock nuts. The unit may need to be raised with a forklift or pallet jack to replace the floor lock. Using a 9/16" socket wrench, remove the (4) whiz lock nuts. Installation of floor lock is the opposite of removal.

*** Ensure the Caster Cart has been removed from service before performing any repairs. Do not attempt repairs on units with air cargo containers partially or fully resting on Caster Carts. ***

Caster Cart Floor Lock Options:
USD $45.00