Hi Vis Chocks

SKU#: ITM-2000-50
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Full Description:

This patent-pending design will improve your bottom line by enhancing visibility, durability and longevity. The design is an advance from the typical nylon rope used with chocks, which untie and/or deteriorate while in use. Bright yellow coloration ensures that these chocks remain visible to ramp personnel.

The High-Visibility Chocks measure 4” x 4” x 8” and are made of EPMD-80 rubber compound chemically designed to be bright yellow. Each chock is joined by a wire rope rated at 1700 pounds and encased by yellow sheathing, which can be personalized with company name or call sign. We have found that having an identifiable feature reduces the accidental acquisitions of our customers’ property by their neighbors.

PACTS High-Visibility Chocks are designed so that they may be stood up on their ends, helping to reduce unnecessary strain from repetitive bending. The yellow sheathing makes the chock easy to grasp and pickup, even while wearing gloves.

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USD $39.95