LE Caster Pallet Roller (Replacement)

SKU#: ITM-2000-73
Price: USD $36.50
Full Description:

Replacement 2.5" dia. roller for Leading Edge Caster Pallets. Take care of your dented, damaged, or worn out rollers with this easy to replace component.

Replacement Instructions:

The axles are spring loaded from one direction. Find the side that will compress more when pushed. Using a screwdriver, punch, or other suitable metal object, push spring loaded axle until it clears the inside of the LE Caster Pallet roller mount. Tip roller upward to remove from LE Caster Pallet. Installation is the opposite of removal.

*** Ensure the LE Caster Pallet has been removed from service before performing any repairs. Do not attempt repairs on units with air cargo containers partially or fully resting on LE Caster Pallets. ***

USD $36.50