PACTS Surface Caster (Replacement) **For units purchased after 5/1/11**

SKU#: ITM-2000-68-1
Price: USD $22.00
Full Description:

Replacement surface caster for all Caster Pallets & Caster Carts purchased after 5/1/11. Units manufactured before 4/30/11 do not have the correct bolt pattern for this caster. Please double check your equipment before ordering replacements. Click here for units manufactured before 4/30/11.

This caster features a molded plastic toe guard design to help prevent tripping hazards. Take care of your damaged or worn out casters with this replaceable component.

Replacement Instructions:

Each caster is bolted into the Caster Pallet or Cart using (2) 3/8-16 x 3/4" carridge bolts & whiz lock nuts. Swivel caster to line up half circle cutout with nut. Using a 9/16" socket wrench with a minimum 3" extension, remove the (2) whiz lock nuts. Installation of new caster is the opposite of removal. Ensure the caster swivels freely with clearance for the toe guard before re-tightening. Torque each nut to 32 foot pounds with a torque wrench. For casters located near the edge of the unit, you may be able to reach the carridge bolts from underneath the unit. In some instances, the unit may need to be raised with a forklift to access the mounting bolts.

*** Ensure the Caster Pallet or Cart has been removed from service before performing any repairs. Do not attempt repairs on units with air cargo containers partially or fully resting on Caster Pallets or Carts. ***


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USD $22.00